"Thanks for always nailing whatever I hand you to do. That is very much appreciated and the true sign of a Pro. It boils down to trust I think. Trust is the most important aspect".

Ron Jones; Composer (Family Guy, American Dad)


"I love your music. You have a truly unique style; very beautiful".

Beth Amy Rosenblatt; Music Supervisor (Fur, The Door in the Floor, Secretary, Hamlet)


"This is so good, that even if I really tried to find something wrong with this cue, I wouldn't be able to find anything".

Marc Snow; Composer (X-Files, Crazy In Alabama, Disturbing Behavior)


"It's languorous tonal idiom, caressing use of the voice, evocative atmosphere definitely spoke a language that people knew. Just as definitely, though, it was this composer's own, distinctive voice. Not everybody could write like this and never come up with a cliche. This was good taste unto genius".

The Boston Globe



 "I am so absolutely beyond happy with the score that we have, it's just even more perfect than I had imagined...thank you for being so patient and easy to work with (and brilliant of course!!!!) ".

Rolla Selbak; Director (Three Veils)


"People always say you can't really tell a bad score. I completely disagree, you can completely tell a bad score from the good ones. A good score underlines the subtext of a given scene and add layers of emotional resonance. Vicente's music does all that and more. He is able to take a simple scene and through his music he is able to affect the audience perception of the scene and give it an extra dimension, an emotional 3D, if you will".

Shawn Costa; Director (The First Thing You Lose)


"Working with Vicente is the best thing that ever happened to my projects. His knowledge of music and his personal sensitivity allowed him to bring my movies to the next level by telling a story with his music that definitely enters through the ears and goes straight to the heart.".

Ysidro Sore; Director (Super Charles, Draw The Line, Rose's Fable)


"Vicente is a truly gifted composer and musician. I'm sure he could compose just about anything. When I hired him, I knew he was great at writing music, but I was surprised to discover how talented a performer he is too. Thank you for a beautiful score, "Lapse" is a better film because of it!".

Marianne Hansen; Director (Lapse)


"Dude... I wanna thank you for you effort in this Redbull project. Man... it was a tough deadline but you managed really well. The final product is really nice especially because of the soundtrack you produced. l m hoping to work with you again in a more normal schedule project in the future!".

Marcos Vaz; Director (Red Bull Air Race Project, FPC Branding)


"A score Vicente creates tells audiences emotions of characters musically, which enhances the power of acting and completes a scene. His score is so present and powerful. Yet, it never comes too forward, it rather blends in the scene. The characteristic seems to be coming from what kind of a person Vicente is: a good listener, who tries hard to understand what a director really wants. Therefore, I wasn't too surprised when he created exactly what I wanted for the scene, as if he actually came into my head and listened to the score I was playing in my head since before I shot the film".

Kenichi Sono; Director (Voices Fading in the Waves, There But Not There, Aftermath)


"Working with Vicente on this film was a real pleasure. Listening to his music, I feel a real soulfulness, a genuine spirit and a passion for life, one that no amount of dialogue or exposition could replace. And without it, this film would never be able to reach the same emotional level".

Ciaran Vejby; Director (Inanna's Dance)


"Working with Vicente is working with an Artist and a Maestro, who quickly knows how to transform the scattered thoughts in my mind and turn them into eloquent notes that produce the perfect cue".

Fahmi Farahat; Director (The Corporation, Lulu's Curls, Saudis In America)


"I was looking for a very specific feel for my film's score. Vicente was able to "get at" what I was looking for and created a beautiful and powerful score that fulfilled all my expectations".

Sean Sullivan; Director (Scapegoat)


"He was able to weave many varying styles of music together seamlessly to create a perfect companion to my visuals. The music truly ties the film together, enhances gags and helps to give each character their own identity. It accents the actions beautifully and adds a new dimension to the film".

Dan Pejril; Animator (Outdone)


"...not only did he compose an incredible piece of music in a short time, but he gave me more than what I wanted by creating music that helps carry the story. I expect he will be highly sought after in the future, and I can say that I once had the opportunity to work with him".

Glenn Ehlers; Animator (Up the Tree, A Spring Day)


"He was enjoyable to work with, and not only produced a great score that matched the animation in my piece but worked with me and was flexible in developing music that I wanted. I especially appreciated how capable, hard working and accommodating Vicente was in order to meet my deadlines".

Shaun Foster; Animator (Cross-Pollination, The Diestmobile)


"...the quality of work Vicente produces, I have to say is absolutely fantastic. His music brought a missing element to many of the scenes in my film that just tied things together into the tightest of packages. I think that Vicente has a genuine passion for scoring motion pictures, as well as a very real talent for doing so".

John Rockefeller; Director (A Night Less Ordinary)


"Vicente did an amazing job on the soundtrack for my film. The results were far beyond anything I could have imagined. He had many ideas and suggestions that I'd never considered, and which really added to the film. He took ownership on the project and I felt very confident giving him free reign after seeing his initial ideas".

Valerie Perkins; Animator (Bibbily Bobbily Job)